J’apporte a papa ma poudre et ma couche pour que papa puisse me changer




i find that one of the biggest problems that individuals have is accepting their selves. i tend to write about that - encourage people to accept them for who they are and how beautiful existing in this world makes them. i’m not sure how much purpose my words do, but i do hope they help in even the littlest of ways. 

i always want to kindly remind people that as long as you are doing no harm to yourself or others, if you are simply exploring the world in a safe fashion where you reach out for comfort and joy and happiness and peace - there is nothing wrong with you. ever.  i know it may be hard to believe, even more to understand or grasp or hang on to - but i assure you it’s true.

you are quite amazing, the way you are. and if you ever need someone to talk to or a shoulder to lean on, neverland is here to be a friend for you.

i can openly admit i’m still not perfect at this ‘ageplay’ thing but i’ve fallen in love with it and love is such a beautiful thing - how could i ever let it go?

please do not re-upload these without permission.
your neverland.

You are so very inspiring to the abdl community. Thank you